D E A T H ♛ N O T E


you are my laptop

my only laptop

you make me happy

when the skies are grey

you’ll never know dear

how much i love you

so please dont take

the charger 



do you ever wanna listen to music but every song is just not the right song

Kurosaki Ichigo + Juice Box 


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Hibi Chouchou Chapter 38 
Hibi Chouchou Chapter 38 
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mochizou or midori || asked by anonymous


24 Day Studio Ghibli Challenge: Day 13 → Powerful Message

Princess Mononoke is one of the few feature films that strongly execute many omnipotent beings in various angles: Eboshi, the ruler of Iron Town; Ashitaka, the exiled prince; Moro, the wolf goddess; Okkoto-nushi, the boar god; and lastly, The Forest God. Majority of their agendas are neither beneficiary nor destructive in a singular viewpoint – leading to a never-ending cycle of fruitless bloodshed. In the end, both parties learn that brutality will not resolve their differences.

//  W H A T  C O U L D  I  P O S S I B L Y  S A Y  N O W … ?